Educating Children - Discussion of school options (Part 2)

It is interesting to look at the various groups of people seeking to push their way of thinking through the school system. I remember "Channel One" coming to our school when I was in middle school. Channel One provided televisions for each class room in exchange for having us watch a short program each morning. The program contained information about current events and was paid for by advertising.

The idea is genious, if carried out properly, especially in today's world since many children run the household dictating purchasing habits for the family. The people introducing this concept know the power of reaching the children of the world. Not only do they produce revenue for today, but the advertisers gain adherents to their products for years to come. This is what many groups seek when they try to push their message through the school system.
Let's look at one example. The DARE program is widely used throughout schools and it seeks to build self-confidence in children in hopes this will keep them away from drgus and other things. The goals seem good. Although I never participated in the program I did read part of the DARE curriculum for a local school system (it's available online). The concepts never mention God (of course). How can one build self esteem apart from God? DARE teaches children to have confidence in their own abilities looking within themselves to build self-esteem. Without recognizing sin in the individual and reliance on God as the giver of all abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and change, one will delve into a man centered self gratifying lifestyle that neither glorifies or pleases the Creator.

So, often the end goal of public school programs seems generally good, but when looking at the details of how those goals will be attained glaring faults arise. The people leading the programs aren't evil or seeking to corrupt the children, but many have bought into the false hope that these concepts are truth and will work. This is concerning. And one must wonder what can be done about it.

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