Deep Thoughts by Peggy Hutchinson

Rick says I always write fun blogs and he writes serious ones so we are switching this time:

Rick is responsible for finding teachers for our Sunday School class. we have the typical quarter system which means we have to find 4 different teachers a year(sometimes more for various reasons.) It is often difficult to find teachers who want to teach anything but "application". It's interesting that people basically don't want to teach unless they can tell you what you should do in different areas of your life. what happened to teaching the word of God and letting the Holy Spirit convict and apply. I know the word of God transforms only when the truths are applied to our thoughts and actions, but my concern is that we are confused on how this occurs. I must say that we have had great practical teachers who do a great service to the Lord. It is just interesting that we appear to have many more of those type teachers in the church.Basically I don't really know where I am going with all this....but just thought it was interesting....there are a plethora of practical teachers and few doctrinal teachers...what does this say...what does this mean...is this growing trend...i don't know...but it does seem that fewer and fewer people are "doing" holiness so is this application teaching really working?I am thankful for teachers of the word of God. I am also thankful for men who will present God's word and allow the Holy Spirit to convict and apply for it is the Holy Spirit that renews our minds.

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