Crazed Obedience

When a person steps outside of their normal way of life in service to God, several questions go through their mind. Some of those questions may look like this:
  • Is this really what God wants me to do?
  • How will this change my life?
  • What will other people think?
  • Am I strong enough to do this?
  • Does this conflict with my other things I want to do?

Sin corrupts our understanding of God, our communication with Him, and our desire to worship Him as our Creator. Christ has defeated sin in those who trust in Him alone for salvation, but sin lingers in us until we are glorified in Christ at His second coming. This lingering sin causes us trouble as we seek to shine as stars in a crooked and perverse generation.

One thing I've noticed about sin is that it makes all obedient people crazy (from my perspective at least). Why on earth would anyone want to go to the jungles of Ecuador to share Christ with Indians known for being killers. Why would a group from our church want to go start a church in a foreign country? How could missionaries go to Iraq in the middle of a war? Why would anyone desire to be a missionary in the Philippines where the Abu Sayyaf hunt for people to kidnap? The answer is that all these people are crazy. God knows this as obedience, but with sin corrupted eyes, I am tempated to look upon these actions as crazy.

God moves within each of us to do things He wants done. He does not give everyone the same desires, and since we lack perfect communication with Him and our fellow brethren, we often cannot fathom why people would desire to do the things God calls them to do. If you are contemplating an action in obedience to God and have questions about whether or not to do it due to a fear that people will think your crazy, that may just be an indication that God is indeed moving within you.

Granted, this cannot be the final litmus test for determining God's call upon our lives, but it does make me wonder if I do anything appearing crazy to sin-ridden mankind. And if not, should I?

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