Our world continually teaches us to examine ourselves to see how we can improve upon ourselves. Below is a quote I read the other day (can't remember where from), but I think it speaks great truth.

"Introspective activities are usually done in such a way as to bring glory to man rather than God"

We need to ensure that our self examinations are done in light of God's word. We are sinners deserving of nothing but the wrath of God. Christ took the wrath we deserve upon Himself; thus, I am granted entrance into heaven as a free gift.

The Spirit of God applies our redemption to us and sanctifies us causing us to look upon our sin and repent of it. Introspection is good, but we must note our likelihood of falling short of God's glory in all activities of life. Glorification is complete, but not yet realized, "for those he predestined, he also called, and those he called he also justified, and those he justified, he also glorified..."

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