My Wife's pregnant

The due date is April 27, and Kate (our daughter) will be 16 months old at that time. Children are indeed a blessing from God for many reasons, humility being one of them. Peggy is experiencing "morning" sickness all day long, and with a 9 month old crawling around, it is difficult, but Peggy is awesome. Her only complaint is that she feels like she isn't going enough around the house. Yea, I want to laugh at that too. She can't keep breakfast, lunch, or dinner down, and she's worried about ironing and cooking. One of the many reasons I love her!

Children are indeed a blessing from God. Someone told me the other day that those that can have children should have several of them. I agree, and hope God continues to bless us in this way. My hope is that we don't ever complain about blessing...

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