My Sinablity to Worship

Our sin keeps us from worshiping God as we should.  We refuse to exalt Him recognizing Him as the giver of all things.  We deny this in ourselves thinking that our trifle prayers before meals suffice to bring proper praise to the creator of everything we know to exist.  I’m writing today to admit my guilt in failing to truly be thankful to God.  

I pray the Spirit will give me greater thankfulness for God’s work in my life and that this thankfulness will affect me.  I want it to permeate my entire being and effect change within my thinking and acting.  I want the base of my framework for life to be filled with recognition that although I work for a living, my ability to work, the objects I work upon, and the people I work with and for all come from God and are sustained by God.  It’s an awesome realization that has not fully taken control of me.  If it had, I wouldn’t have to plan time for prayer.  I wouldn’t day dream during my prayers.  I wouldn’t lose focus when praying with others.  

Yes, sin keeps me from worshipping God as I should, but the Spirit sustains me enabling me to worship God in my weakness.  Come Holy Spirit and dwell within me and enable me to live in Christ.

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