Is life a game?

Decision making between teams (i.e. groups at a place of employment) tend to have a push pull relationship. One group's decisions are based on the other group's decisions; therefore, each group attempts to influence the other group. Strife and contention are readily available if not properly managed in most environments such as this. In a society built on an economy allowing each individual to rise above the peers, this becomes a great game.

The challenge for a Christian in this environment is to not be so caught up in the game to ignore or neglect the commands of God and the fruit which comes from living "in Christ". It is easy to become manipulative or contentious striving to win, but we are called to be loving while working as to the Lord and not to men (Eph 6:7). What work does God call us to? We are called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and soul (Mt 22:38), and to love our neighbor as ourself (Mt 22:39).

Where is the contention and strife in this statment? We often talk about balancing our desire to win with our desire to serve God. On the contrary, God calls us to do both 100%. Maybe our definition of winning is a little off. In truth, we should give 100% of our effort in daily activities while striving in each of those activities to display our love for God.

Drive by love to please God for His glory and satisfaction. That's the life I desire. May the Holy Spirit so change me to be this.

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