School Plans 2012-2013

I have several things "against" me in homeschooling. First of all, I like to be alone. Second of all, I like things quiet. And finally, I'm not a crafty/projecty type of person. The Lord has given us a house full of people to teach, all of whom like to talk a lot, and most of whom like projects. :)
I look popular curricula start twitching....materials like: 2 apple seeds, plaster, 4 balloon, 2 cups of cornmeal, and a button are needed for 1 day. Sorry sweet kids, I just can't do it. :)

I suppose our method of homeschooling is a mix of Classical with a little bit of Charlotte Mason thrown in. I've made some changes from what we used last year because I'm still trying to figure everything out, which will never happen. 

I had plans to use Mystery of History but we are going to hold off on beginning the classical 4 year history rotation until Kate is in 5th grade (unless I change my mind on that again next year.) Another obvious break from the Classical method is that we have decided not to teach Latin. We will do a Latin root word study in high school if we make it that far. :) We are teaching Greek instead. That's what you get when your dad is a pastor and your mom always had secret dreams of being a bible translator. 

Also, I buy everything I can used or reuse anything I can from year to year. 

Henry K4
Phonics -   The Reading Lesson and Explode the Code
Math - Singapore Essentials A (possibly B too)
He will also participate in Bible and Science

Claire - 1st grade
Bible - Veritas Press Genesis through Joshua
Phonics - The Reading Lesson and Explode the Code
Math - Singapore 1a/1b and Ray's arithmetic
Grammar - First Language Lessons 1
Writing - Writing with Ease 1
Reading - Heart of Dakota Emerging Reader Set
Spelling - Spelling Plus with Dictation Book
History - D'Aulaire biographies - she will narrate/draw
Science - Apologia Astronomy with Jr notebook
Greek  - Hey Andrew - Level 1
Cursive - Pentime 2

Kate - 2nd grade
Bible - Veritas Press Genesis through Joshua. Will also read through the New Testament
Math - Singapore 2a/2b and Ray's arithmetic
Grammar - First Language Lessons 2
Writing - Writing with Ease 2
Reading  - she will have both assigned and free reading time each day - will use some comprehension guides from Veritas Press and Memoria Press
Spelling - Spelling Plus with Dictation
History - Abeka 2 - this is neither Classical nor Charlotte Mason but I'm using it anyway. :) She will have to write about what she reads. It's going to work for us this year.
Science - Apologia Astronomy with Jr notebook
Greek - Hey Andrew 2 and Elementary Greek
Cursive - Pentime 3

Between February and June of her 1st grade year, Kate read the first 3 Harry Potter books (we won't let her read the other ones yet) and the first 6 books in the Chronicles of Narnia series. It's difficult to find books for her to read because although she is able to read almost anything, not everything is appropriate or comprehensible. I have a list of books for assigned reading for her this year. These she will read aloud to me and we will discuss or work through comprehension guides/do projects. We will read literature, missionary biographies, and books from history and science. She will also have free reading time each day from a list I've pulled. If anyone has any "don't miss" books, please let me know.
I'm most excited about reading The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook. It was written in 1925 and is such a cute book. I've been pre-reading. :)

So that's it! We're starting next week!


  1. If you need suggestions for comprehension activities, let me know. I have tons of resources from the elementary side of my ESL degree and they all focus on comprehension strategies. No apple seeds required. :)

  2. I often felt guilty when the boys were little because we rarely did crafts. As they got older I made craft supplies available to them and said, "Go for it! Make something! Clean up when you're finished!" Now we're in a very artsy co-op, and they are each artistic, unlike their mom! God had a plan to provide for their needs beyond my ability! No surprise there!

  3. Love seeing your plans!! I am changing things up somewhat this year, but keeping some old tried and trues, like Singapore for everyone except the Jr High student, and FLL 1 for my first grader!! I also think it's interesting that so many of the basic books for readers at this age are similar across various curricula!!

  4. wow! i don't know how you do it. you're amazing!

  5. I love reading your plans! It really is fun planning and seeing how it all falls into place. We are adding quite a bit more structure this year so I am interested to see how it goes.