Charlie's Wedding!

I am the oldest of 4 siblings. I have a sister Sarah, brother Charlie, and our youngest sister Emma (she just turned 21 in March.) My brother was married on Saturday and here are some pictures from the big day. I do not have any with Charlie and Lindsay!! I did grab this picture from their facebook page. I did not take it but I wanted to show them since this post is about their big day! Their photographer was Kevin Roberts. 

They were married at Rancho de las Aguilas Estates in Birmingham. It was a beautiful venue even if it was 106 degrees and the wedding was outside. We were HOT!!!

Here is a picture my sister Emma took. I LOVE, LOVE it!!! How sweet are the little ring bearer and flower girl. :) This was after the wedding. They were beat!!

Here is a picture of the my sisters and me. I love having 2 sisters. :) Quite frankly, I was just glad my dressed zipped up. I could hardly breathe. Obviously the dress was ordered before we found out about the new baby and I was almost 13 weeks here. 

Another one of us before the ceremony with Henry.

Finally, one of my honey and me. :)

Kate was there too. Can't believe I don't have a picture with her. I'll look again. She and Claire were the flower girls and Henry was the ring bearer. Rick's parents kept Jack and Sims for us which was a HUGE help!

I'll be posting about our Hilton Head trip, give a baby gender prediction, and list our school plans this week! We are starting school back next week. Between Christmas, 3 December birthdays, and a new baby, I have a feeling we'll be taking some extending time off of school end of the year/beginning of next year so I want to get a jump start on things!

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