Well, we made it

After nearly a decade, 8 years to be exact, Rick is finished with seminary. His last class was last night. No more classes, no more finals, no more midterms, no more 15 page papers, no more Turabian style, no more 30 page church planting manuals, no more 1500 pages worth of reading per class/per semester. Graduation is in 2 weeks. I can hardly believe it.

Why did it take 8 years? Exhibit A and B:

When he started, we had no children. In fact, I found out I was expecting Kate towards the end of his first semester. And look at us now, 8 years later and 5 wonderful children later. I suppose the title of this post, "Well, we made it," is misleading. We didn't just "make" it. The Lord was gracious. The Lord blessed us as He always does. The Lord blessed Rick and allowed him to work full time as a software engineer, attend and finish school, and lead, protect, and love his family. There were only 2 times where I felt completely overwhelmed and discouraged and Rick took the next semester off each time to help me out.

And now, there is no down time and no waiting. We are on to the next step. Rick will have to pass 5 written exams and have 2 oral exams before he can be ordained (this will take several months.) He has been called to be the pastor at a church plant. I NEVER thought I'd be a pastor's wife, much less a church planting pastor's wife. Rick will be bi-vocational for a while, probably several years. It will be very hard. But we know our God is faithful and will equip and will sustain.


  1. amen!! congrats to yall, i cant wait to see all the Lord is going to do in yalls family!! i will CONTINUE to pray for the both of as you seek the Lord in everything and set an outstanding example to your children of biblical Christianity!!

  2. I am so glad that he has been called to pastor the church plant! I can only imagine the journey you've been on and can't wait to become a part of the next step. What a privilege to partner with you guys!

  3. Nothing wrong with eight years. I doubt Rick was working to be finished. He was working to be useful to the Lord and proclaim the Gospel in an informed and honorable manner.He worked to rightly divide God's word. The best things come about slowly, sometimes involving lessons we'd prefer to skip.
    Congratulations to you both. Your road has been steeper than many.
    May He (continue to) guide, keep and make His face to shine upon your whole family.

    The Parkers

  4. like, Like, LIKE!!!! So glad for you all!!! and glad for us too ;o)

  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful journey and how exciting to take the next step- Jesus, we trust in You!

  6. Catching up with you guys! Wow, congratulations to all of you on a journey completed! We have four and I can't imagine fitting seminary in. Miraculous! :-) Will the new church plant be near to your current home, or is this partly why you have your place on the market? Excited about your next adventure!!