Claire is 6!!!

I cannot believe my baby girl is 6 years old today. I am truly thankful that the Lord has given her to us for 6 years. What a blessing and what a joy she is to all. She is the most giving and selfless person I know. She is happy and thankful for everything. I pray the Lord will continue to give her that attitude for her entire life.
I almost forgot to take her picture so I had to go get her out of bed for this one. I think it was definitely worth it! We had a fun and full day celebrating and there was just no time to stop for pictures!! (The day started off with another trip back to the dr-Sims has RSV AGAIN). Claire had NO school today, ballet (we took cupcakes for her class), violin, Chuck-E-Cheese, and a surprise birthday present on the front door when she got home. Henry said it was the "best birthday ever" and I think sweet Claire feels the same way.

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  1. Who was the surprise gift from and what was it?