ER and RSV

Until this past week, I had never taken a child to the ER. I suppose 7 years is a pretty good record. Little Simon Oliver was the child who broke the streak. I'm not one to rush to the doctor when my kids are sick. Tuesday, though, I knew I needed to take him. He had been running a fever and had a cold but he starting wheezing and almost panting to breathe. He was breathing over 70 times a minute and was not his smiley self. (I need to add that we were out of town-Hilton Head-and Rick was not with us but my mother was.) I took him to the doctor and after examining him, I was told, "Don't panic, but he needs to go straight to the ER." Those are not exactly the words a mother wants to hear but by the Lord's grace, I did not panic.
We went to the ER and he was diagnosed with RSV. He was given breathing treatments and we had to stay until he began breathing more regularly. He was also given a steroid shot, which was also something new to us. Boy, that was an experience. I also had to do breathing treatments at home for 3 days.
He seems to be completely well now and I am grateful and thankful to the Lord for keeping my little guy safe.


  1. So scary! Glad he is doing better and y'all survived a trip to the ER. It seems like every baby I know has had RSV this winter. Breathing treatments are no fun, but I'm so thankful for them.

  2. so sorry to hear that he has been so sick. Hope the rest of the trip goes well. Looking forward to seeing y'all next week.

  3. Goodness- how awful! I'm so glad he's okay. Little Charlie had a smiliar experience and was put on steroids and antibiotics- it's so pitiful when they can't breathe. He is just SO ADORABLE- God gave you that happy little face to make you smile- what a beautiful, sweet boy.