We went skating :)

We went skating last night. I must say, it was such a fun night! I wasn't quite sure how it would go, but we all loved it. Rick and I laughed the entire night and the girls had a blast!

This was Kate's first attempt at standing up:
They "skated" on the carpet most of the night as sweet Claire is demonstrating:
Simon was happy because it was dark and loud the entire time:
I'm pretty sure they were on the ground more than they were upright. The LOVED every minute though!!

This little guy stayed with the girls almost all night. He told me was was going to show them some "tips." He even gave Kate a present as we were leaving...It was middle school foreshadowing:
Jack wanted to skate SO badly so the owner let him try on a pair :)
Then the girls decided to try inline skating, or crawling, same thing.
I love this picture. Pretty much sums up the night.
Here is Claire laying on the ground. They were worn out after the 2 hours we were there. They didn't want to leave and have already asked me 10 times today about going back. We will be back!!!


  1. We've been toying tith this idea for a while- but I wasn't sure how it would go- this looks like fun so maybe we will try it!

  2. LOVE the pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time:)