Memory Work

How many times have you (or your children) memorized scripture (or something else) and then forgotten it because it wasn't practiced. It's happened to us numerous times. Last December, the kids memorized Luke 2:1-14. They had it perfectly but it's been forgotten because I didn't review it with them. It's hard to remember what all we have learned, when to practice it, etc. I've been looking for a system to help because we are going to have a recitation period every morning this year and I need it to be organized!
I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it will help someone else too.

Here it is:
1. Start with a 3 ring notebook and dividers. I used file folders and cut them in two.
I bought 50 at Walmart for $3.68. You will need 31 dividers.

2. Number each divider 1-31 on one side of the tab,
and M-F (repeating) on the other side of the tab.
For example. 1-M, 2-T, 3-W, 4-H, 5-F, 6-M, 7-T, 8-W, etc

3. Choose what you want to memorize and place that in the front of the notebook

4. Practice! Once something is said perfectly 3 days in a row, it's complete.
Place the completed information memorized behind the day it was complete.
For example, if you finish memorizing the "Months of the Year" on the 5th, place that piece of memory work behind the tab labelled "5".

5. Review! If it's Monday the 8th, review all information
behind the tab marked "8" AND behind every tab marked with an "M".
This will ensure that everything memorized gets practiced frequently.

Also, I'm grouping items that are short on one piece of paper. 10 catechism questions will go on one page. Once all 10 are complete, that page will be moved to the appropriate numbered tab.

I wanted to make sure our system reviewed "completed memory work" more than once a month and that it didn't involve review on the weekends. :) We'll see how it goes this year and I'll be sure to let you know! I'm sure I'll have to work something out for items that need reviewing less frequently but for now, once a week seems about right.

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  1. Peggy, we are starting a morning "circle time" this year to do memory work and sing songs, etc. I remembered this post and came back to look over it for some ideas for a notebook. Are you still doing this? If so, what has worked and what hasn't? It seems like such a great idea in theory...just wondering if you have needed to tweak it at all in practice! :)