One goal for the kids this summer was to memorize the books of the Bible. I thought it would take awhile and well, I was wrong. It's still amazing to me how quickly children can learn. We have this CD and it has a song for the books of the Old Testament and one for the New Testament.

It took them 2 days to learn the OT song and another 2 to learn the NT song and we only listened to it while we were driving in the car. Crazy. Now they can recite all of the books in the Bible. It's funny because I still use the song I learned as a child when looking for some of the Minor Prophets! :)

Also, do you remember that song, "I'm blue, da ba dee da ba die", well, Rick started singing it one day and the kids thought it was hilarious so he looked it up on youtube to show them. Well, Henry really loves it so along with the books of the bible, you might hear him singing, "I have a girlfriend, and she is so blue." It's hilarious!

ALSO, I was going to make chart to help the kids learn the catechism. The idea was that once they learned the answer, they could put a star by the question. Well, I googled "catechism chart" and found that someone had already made one! Here is the link if anyone is interested:
That's all for now!

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