Curriculum 2011-2012

Here is the much anticipated (Ha!) curriculum post. If you've never thought about/researched homeschooling, you'd be amazed at the amount of curriculum providers out there. There are literally hundreds and of course all claim to be the best, make your kids the smartest or be the best value. In addition, there are numerous philosophies to wade through: phonics vs whole word, mastery vs. spiral, subject immersion vs. many topics, 4 yr cycle or no 4 yr cycle, Latin or no Latin, heavy academics early vs. delayed academics, phonetic spelling vs. dictated spelling, Classical, Charlotte mason, textbook, etc. It is seriously crazy and I have about gone crazy trying to decide what to use. Eventually a decision just has to be made and you have to realize that no curriculum is perfect, no child is perfect, no teacher is perfect, and nothing can make any of these things perfect. So, you just have to pray, keep your goal in mind, and try to research best you can.

So, here's what we chose!

1st grade:

Bible: VP Press Genesis-Joshua, scripture memory, catechism
Math: CLP 1
Reading: Books from various book list (VP, Sonlight, Heart of Dakota)
Read Alouds (Books I read to the girls): Heart of Dakota Beyond Little Hearts list
Greek: Hey Andrew (this is simply to learn letters and sounds)

I know that looks like a TON of stuff but it's not really. Science, for example, will only be done 2 times a week, Grammar, 3 times a week, and Greek and Spelling will only take 5-10 mins a day. Trust me, my school day with Kate will be under 2 hours.

There will be a lot of overlap between the girls on various subjects.
Bible: VP Genesis - Joshua, scripture memory and catechism
Reads Alouds, Science, History, Poetry, Narration, Greek - all the same as Kate

I also have this book for beginning geography and this book for art appreciation. Both will be done once a week or as a unit in the spring depending on how all of the above are going.

Also, I buy almost all of our curriculum used. Here are the sites I use:
http://www.amazon.com/ I purchased the art appreciation book for $0.01 at amazon :)

We'll easily be finished with our day by lunch time. And don't you worry about the boys, Henry will sit in on some of our lessons, Jack will play close by, and Sims will be sleeping. I'll have plenty of time with my boys. They are with me 24 hours a day and I love them and I love to spend time with them.

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  1. Looks great! Doesn't it feel awesome to have a plan and feel squared away? I didn't know about the used book sites- that's a great tip! And I know what you mean about the choices, choices, choices- at some point you have to just pick something and move on!