Spring Break Updates!

You may remember that Rick's parents kept Kate, Claire and Henry for us for a few days over Spring Break. Here was my "to-do" list and how I did:

1. Make room for Sims. We have a 3 bedroom house so that means we have to fit 5 children into 2 bedrooms. I have a lot of options, just trying to figure out the best one.

I couldn't decide the best way to arrange the rooms. The most obviously was to put all of the boys in one room but I didn't really want to do that yet. SO, I came up with a scientific way to decide what to do. If you think nutrition can be obtained from eating Legos or Barbie shoes....NURSERY; if not....BIG KID ROOM! So that's what I did. Kate, Claire and Henry are all in the same room. Kate and Claire have been sharing a full bed and we set up a twin bed from my grandparent's house for Henry. Jack and Simon will share the nursery. At some point we'll have to rearrange again, but not for a few years! :) 1% of me felt bad that Henry will be sharing a room with girls so I just decided I wouldn't wash his sheets as often to give him a more "manly" bed. Now that 1% of me feels much better. Henry was and still is thrilled with his new roomates as are the girls. Everyone is happy and excited about all of the new changes and the new brother.

2. Go to lunch with my mom. Normally we're meeting up at McDonalds for the kids so I want to go to a grown up restaurant.

My mom, sister Emma, and I went to Urban Cookhouse in Homewood. I'd eat there every day if I could.

3. Get a Diet Coke at a place with good ice - y'all know what I'm talking about.

I messed up a little here. I only got Diet Coke with good ice twice. I should have done this everyday. I need to keep this up for the last 10 weeks.

4. Play with my baby who is about to be a big brother.

We had a great time together! That little guy is used to entertainment with his big sisters/brother around. So he always wanted to play when he wasn't napping.

5. Do nothing. Let's face it. I may not have just 1 child with me again until that 1 child is 17 and all of the brothers and sisters have moved out.

This was harder to do than I expected. Every time I would sit down, I'd think, "I need to be getting work done with all the kids gone." But I did manage :)

I've been so bad about taking pictures lately so I'm going to try and do that this week and put some on the blog later this week!!


  1. Where do you find the good ice? Because let's face it, the best part about a diet coke is good ice!

  2. Love the sounds of your new arrangements, I think they make a LOT of sense. Josiah has offered to share with "Baby Sister" when she comes home, though he always sticks in a comment about the bunkbeds he's hoping we'll purchase for them to sleep in together, so I cannot tell if this is truly a desire to share with her, or really more of a solution for acquiring those coveted bunk beds, from his point of view!