Ten Days

Jack has been with us for 10 days now. If you had been with us during those 10 days, here's what you would have heard.

Claire: Mommy, where's the girl?
Me: What do you mean?
Claire: I said I wanted a boy AND a girl

Kate: He (Jack) cries like a girl

(After explaining nursing to Kate)
Kate: So, you're sorta like a cow?

I've noticed a difference between girls and boys as well. When Jack cries, Kate and Claire run to him and try to pacify him. Henry runs to me and says "baby's crying." In other words...make him stop. Or a few days ago, he told Jack, "Stop crying baby."

Also, I think Kate is officially in love with baby Jack because I keep finding these notes all over our house:


  1. Sounds like the last 10 have been anything but boring at your house! I love the picture!

  2. Sweet picture. Laughing so hard about the nursing convo. Sad, but true. :) Enjoy this sweet time!