And I'm not even a doctor....

During all the excitement with new baby, little (now quite big) Henry, hurt his elbow.  I could tell it really hurt bad because He would cry any time we moved him.  He would not lift his arm or use it for anything.  I immediately remembered the one thing Kate reminds me of at least once a month when she says, "Remember when daddy pulled my arm."  This was an event that occurred when she was about 2 1/2 years old.  We were playing and she got hurt.  It turns out the problem was nursemaid's elbow.

With Kate, we had xrays and a visit to the "specialist" (translate into 2 copays).  This time, I turned to Google.  This website gives an excellent walk-through for fixing this problem.  I tried it on Henry, and 2 seconds later, he was fine.


  1. That made my day! Thanks for the linkage and most of all....I am so happy I could help! Did you know I live in Bham, too? Gotta love the south....we love to help out a friend! Happy to help!

  2. hahah Peggy told Charlie and I this earlier and said don't worry, I'm sure Rick will tell you about it again :)

  3. This doesn't really count as "telling you" so I still get the chance to retell the horrifying ordeal that Henry went through...and how I saved the day :)....Henry even said, "daddy fixed it"....That's my boy! ha.