Baby Hutch

We had our ultrasound a few weeks ago for Baby Hutch. Everything looked great and we are thankful for that. We didn't find out what we are having. Since we found out with K, C and H, we thought we'd let this one be a surprise. Some days I like that, some days it drives me crazy.
We do not have name picked out which IS driving me crazy but hey...I guess we'll have to at some point. I'm about sure we have a girl name but we're pretty stumped on a boy name. If you have any you'd like to recommend, I'm all ears.


  1. What about "Seven"? A living tribute to Mickey Mantle.

    However, I've always been partial to Matthew, you know, gift of Yahweh...

  2. I'll just call him Hutch if it's a boy....i kind of like that:)