Conversations with Henry...yes Henry

Every time I go into Henry's room, he points at me and says, "HEY"!!!

Then I change his diaper. The minute that cold wipe hits him, he says, "BURRRR!!!" (He needs to be the spokesman for a wipe warmer company.)

When we leave his room he waves and says, "Bye, Bye"

When he sees the TV remote, he points at it and says, "no no"

He also says: light, mama and dada

He's fun

In other news, I finally bought my OWN blush this past Saturday...I had no choice...I ran out of Kate's play one...


  1. I love the "brrrr" comment, that is much better than my boys holding their noses during a change. And I'm glad you got some 'big girl blush' but I'm sure you need to replace Kate's as well.

  2. Such a smart boy! I can't wait to see him up close and personal.