2008 Presidential Election

If you are like me, the election next month is less than exciting. It is frustrating and useless. I keep receiving emails telling me that I MUST vote for John McCain so we do not turn into a socialist society, but I cannot help but wonder if there is really a large difference between the two candidates...

Ron Paul's campaign for the republican nomination forever changed my political views and now I can only laugh at politics in this country. We are a fickle people in this nation, and we seem to be stuck in one of those revolving doors they have a nice hotels. Every four years we have this huge debate as to whether we're going to walk slowly or walk fast, but we're always going in the same direction. I'm ready for a candidate that says he is willing to walk the other direction and reverse much of the nonsense we have accepted as normal (put into law) in our country.

There is an interesting article on LewRockwell.com about Joe the Plumber that provides a good example of what I'm talking about. The last Presidential debate discussed Joe's plight with the proposed tax system of Obama, but neither candidate was willing to step back and acknowledge that Joe has more fundamental issues that need to be resolved. Our country is much like someone trying to free themselves from an addiction, and they try several help groups, but never recognize their offense against God and they never repent to receive the benefits of Christ's death and resurrection.

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