Claire-9 months old-01-19-07

Dear Claire Elizabeth,

Today you are 9 months old! Right now you have a cold (as do Kate and I) so we're just trying to get over that. You are a sweet baby but you don't like being sick...you just want to be held all day...I can't blame you for that. You'll cry and Kate will say "Claire Elizabeth wants her mommy" She calls you that now..."Claire Elizabeth." I hear that quite a lot these days..."CLAIRE ELIZABETH...THAT'S MINES!!!" You are helping me teach Kate to share so I thank you for that. The two of you "play" some together now which really is so sweet. You can wave, clap your hands and pat..pat..pat. You make noises that sound like "dada, bye bye, boo" and a few other things. Of course these are just babbles but I love hearing your little voice. It won't be long until you are saying, "KATE O'KELLEY...THAT'S MINES!!!"

One of my favorite things about you being 9 months old is that you still have that baby smell. There is something about the way a baby smell...your skin, your hair, your little baby breath. I guess it's a way God created for mothers to bond with their children. Sadly, it disappears and I won't remember it. So for now I am taking it all in. You are a good baby and a good crawler. You love to pull up now too. You still love to crawl to me and will follow me around. You cry if you can't see me and sometimes if you can see me and I don't pick you up. It's a hard balance between letting you cry and holding you but I'm glad I get to work on it with you.
I love you my baby and you make it fun to be a mom.
All my love now and forever,

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