Reflections: Saddam Hussein's Death

Reflecting on the death of Saddam Hussein, a multitude of questions come to mind related to Saddam before and after death. What is he thinking now? Did he have regrets and fear as he died (probably)? Is judgement an actual event before the throne of God or was he cast directly into hell? Did he realize he was wrong in worshipping allah 1 second after death or were there a few moments before that occurred. The details of life after death are a mystery to us in this world.

As creatures of God, we have eternity in our hearts, and for this reason, the extremely publicized death of an outspoken enemy of the God of scripture causes me to think about God and what death is really like. I know Christians go immediately to the presence of God upon death (no purgatory, holding area, or time of unconscious sleep), but what exactly does that look
like. The immediacy of God's actions upon His enemies is true as well. As we watched Fox News last night moments before Saddam's death I had conflicting feelings and thoughts.

I felt relief that many people would no longer worry that this man would kill them. Saddam, as an enemy of God, deserves his eternal fate, but I was reminded last night that were it not for God's grace, I would be a recipient of the same eternal wrath of God. At about 8:30 (central) last night, it struck me that Saddam was moments from knowing beyond a doubt that God
truly revealed Himself through the Bible and not through the koran or mohamed. Saddam sought his own glory throughout his life, and he has now seen the severe folly of this, but if my pastor's explanation of Mt 25:30 is correct, Saddam is probably weeping and gnashing his teeth in defiance of God even now as he receives the wrath of God.

We have a sickness in our society. We often look upon other religions (ex. Jewish, Muslim, etc.) simply as other ways of believing, but the reality is that God hates these religions. As I read through the book of Kings in the Bible, I am reminded of God's hatred for religion that calls people away from worshipping Him as the true God. The death of an outspoken
enemy of God has drawn my mind to God's power and glory. It reminds me that God is to be feared and revered. My joy increases as I realize I will not receive the same punishment that Saddam is now experiencing and will experience eternally.

If you haven't, take time to reflect on the final moments of Saddam's life as he waited to be hanged, stop a moment today and think about what waited for him upon his death. Realize you will receive the same eternal punishment this evil murderer is receiving unless Christ took your punishment upon Himself. Oh sinner, will you not repent and believe today. When will
death come our way? Saddam, as the leader of a nation, would have answered that question quite differently a few short years ago. As sinners in the hands of an angry God, our only hope is in satisfying that anger through the death of Christ.

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