Happy Birthday Kate!


It’s your 2nd birthday today and I am amazed by you! You are beautiful and extremely smart. You talk all the time, you sing songs that I don’t even know, and you are even potty trained (of course we haven’t tried at night yet!). I am extremely proud to call you my daughter and look with anticipation to all the excitement you will bring our family in the future.
Scripture says children are a blessing from the Lord. This is true for many reasons. Not only do you bring joy to each day for us, but the Lord uses you to sanctify us, challenge us, and draw us to Himself. We are proud to see you advancing mentally and physically, but our deepest desire is to see you transformed spiritually. Each night before bed, we say, “Let’s pray” to you and you always get on your knees with eagerness. Unfortunately at this point, I think it is simply a stall tactic so you do not have to go to sleep. We will continue to pray with you and teach you catechism questions hoping the Lord will use these things to draw you to repentance, and salvation in Him.
Claire was baptized this month, and while in front of the church, Sam (your cousin) was being baptized first, and you said, “What about Claire!” Later that week, you pushed Claire over again (after we told you not too), and I had to spank you. You quickly realized that spankings hurt much more when you don’t have pants covering your legs! I hear people often speak of the “terrible twos”, but you are so obedient that I cannot see how those “terrible” days will come. You listen to everything we say and we rarely need to tell you to do something twice and we correct you with spankings even less often (your mom and I are both glad for that).
As we’ve led up to your birthday, we continue to ask what you want for your birthday, and your continued response is “Cupcakes!” You even asked God for them a couple of times. Your party is tomorrow (December 23), and your mom made you these really cool snowman cupcakes that took nearly 3 hours to make 19 of them! You are truly cherished.

We Love you!


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