Mo Candy

I took the girls trick or treating tonight by myself. Rick had 2 seminary classes and insisted that you can't skip seminary for Halloween :) I carried Claire in one of those baby carriers that you wear and just held Kate's hand. It took us 45 min to go to 7 houses. At first she didn't really understand why she was wearing a "cos to men" (costume) but when I told her she'd be getting some candy, she said "that sounds fun to me!" so off we went. At the second house we came to, she got a piece of candy and I told her to put it in her bucket. She said, "no, no...I put it in my mouth."....and she did. Well, after 45 mins, 7 houses and one burned hand from a pumpkin candle, I thought it was time to go home. We had the best time...and Rick even called between his classes to see how we did. (OH...and on a related Halloween note, Rick told me he won a contest at work today by stuffing 94 candy corns into his mouth in a minute!!!)

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