Here's what happened today:

Here's the setup: Rick brought home a little bag that he had received from work and gave it to Kate (she loves purses.)

Rick: Kate! Here's a new purse for you!
Kate: (very excited...looking at the bag)
Me: Kate...what do you say?
Kate: (looking in the bag then up at Rick)....MONEY????

Me: (Placing a box of rice on what I thought was the counter but was apparently really not the counter....the rice falls all over the floor.)
Kate: Mommy's making a mess!!

Kate: (Hysterically laughing while pushing Claire's nose)
Me: Kate...what are you doing???
Kate: (Hysterically laughing) LAUGHING!!!!

Kate: (while praying with Rick) Thank you for Mommy.

I didn't really say much about Claire. She got her nose pushed by Kate and snorted greens beans up her nose....hmmm.....

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