A story about a dog, a little girl, and her mom

A few times a week (during a good week) I take Lucy (our dog) on a run (with a good bit of walking). I also take Kate our 20 month old daughter in the stoller on these treks. I usually let Lucy run free off the leash because she's good at staying close. Every once in a while she'll get a little to far away and I'll give the "Lucy, Come!" directive.

Well, as would be expected, Kate has picked up on this and now calls "Come!" quite often as we walk. Unfortunately, Lucy the dog does not understand Kate's version of english.

The humorous twist to this story happened this afternoon at the end of Kate's nap. Kate as usual calls "Mommy!" There is a short pause and another call, "Mommy, Mommy!"

Before Peggy had time to go into Kate's room, we finally heard, "Mommy COME!..COME!"

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