Kate-21 months old-9-22-06

My dear Kate,

Today you are 21 months old! I can’t believe you are almost 2! You are so much fun! You love to dance and you talk all the time! Your favorite sentence right now is “That sounds good.” Anything I say to you, you’ll respond with, “that sounds good.” You also say “Mommy/Daddy/Claire’s coming too.” So wherever we go, you’ll say, “Mommy’s coming too?” We basically don’t have a quiet moment around here. You are always saying something.
You are still screaming every time I leave you at the church nursery but you always have a great time and will yell “BYE FRIENDS!” whenever I come to pick you up. You take a nap in the afternoon from 1pm until between 3pm and 4pm and you sleep from 7pm-7am. You are a good helper and will help me “pick up” all of your toys each day. You love Pop-Tarts and whenever I go and get you up from your nap, you ask for a Pop-Tart and some water!
You close your eyes (at least for a few seconds J) when we pray now and say “AMEN” at the end. We were all praying at church Wednesday night before dinner (about 300 people were there) and you started off holding our hands, quiet, with your eyes closed and then all of a sudden we heard “HEY SISSY!” and you started talking to Claire.
One day you’ll probably feel like I do that you just have a hard time staying on top of the ironing and keeping the house perfect. My mom tells me that’s normal. I have 2 sweet little girls to take care of and sometimes after diapers, feedings, baths, and playing, things like ironing get put on hold. I do straighten up each day though before your father gets home (you help) so he can come home to a straight house. I think that’s important. We have a couple of big toy buckets that you can put your toys in so that way they are all together and can easily be pulled out or put up. I try to do different chores on different days so it’s just a few things to do each day. I’m going to start doing that with the laundry too. I just seem to get a pile of ironing otherwise. One month, I’ll share with you what my schedule is. I asked my mom and she helped me out a lot with some good ideas that I’ll share with you. I think it’s important for mom’s to teach their daughters all sorts of things and I’ll do some of that in my letters to you.
The weather is getting so nice now so I can’t wait for this month because we’ll be able to go to the park and zoo!

I love you now and always,

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