Selfishness is a sin

We can pinpoint selfishness in other people very quickly, but can we as easily see it in ourselves. Chances are that the answer is no unless the Spirit so guides us because we are blinded by our own sin.

We do not want to see it and refuse to see it. Thank God for marriage, His spirit, children, and all familial relationships that cause us to see the result of our own selfish desires as they hurt other people. And I thank God that he has been gracious enough in my life to point out my selfishness before it was detrimental to my relationships.

Today, I examine the motives of my desires to determine if my life plans and goals are me focused or God focused as I often claim. Do I love my wife as Christ loved the church, and do my actions manifest this love or suppress it?

O God, create in me a clean, pure heart that I might lead my family in worship of you.

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