I think I may have finally mastered the art of picture taking. But of course the term "mastered" is used loosely. It looks like the pictures for the website are acceptable, and I've also found a way to remove the background and still have the pictures look somewhat decent.

I used the free program called GIMP (www.gimp.org) to do this. I've now passed the website creation onto Peggy and her mom because I have other things that need to be completed (preparing for Sunday school is at the top of that list).

This Sunday is on Ephesians 5:22-33. I'm amazed at the number of professed believers in Christ that continually neglect the concept of submission and giving oneself up for another. I know our sin ravaged old man pushes us away from these Biblical characteristics, but the Holy Spirit moves within us to create a love for these things. We must not ignore the Spirit.

Wives must submit, and Husbands must love their wives as Christ loves the church creating a relationship in which it is easy and joyful to submit and love. Our actions cannot and must not depend on the actions of our spouses, if they do, most of us are doomed to fall into the pit of destruction and divorce caused by sin.

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