Camp Westminster

Our friends told us about this great camp just outside of Atlanta called Camp Westminster. It's run by a PCA church and our friends have been involved with it for years. In fact, their oldest daughter is a counselor this summer. 

Thanks to Boo and Papaw, Kate and Claire are over there for the First Timers session. It's a 4 day/3 night introduction to camp and the girls were so excited to be able to go! Here are the only pictures I took when we dropped them off. I'm hoping they'll be just as happy when I pick them up! :) 

Getting so old!!!

Henry and Jack also wanted their picture taken. 

And so did Sims. I really love this picture!! All of our kids at age 2 have had this great "smile."
 It's always been so funny to me! This really is his "I'm happy and trying to have a good smile," smile. :)

Here's a picture of the First Timers from their Facebook page. Kate and Claire are on the front row. 

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