Lessons Learned in Hilton Head

Women are more observant and Men are braver.

To prove my point:

1. My mom and I were leaving a restaurant. She stopped at the entrance because there were toy vending machines and she let the 3 big kids get a treat. (How nice are grandmothers. I always say no to those things.)  It was very crowded so I walked outside with Jack, Sims, and Miles. I was outside for about 30 seconds when a man came out and we had the following conversation:

Man: How many kids do you have.
Me: 6
Man: I thought you had 5 but my wife said 6 and so she sent me outside to ask you.

The man then goes back inside and I hear him say, "You were right. She has SIX"!!!!


2. Rick and I were at the park one day and the kids were calling my park name "Mommywatchthis"!!!!!
This time I heard the following conversation.

Man: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I only see 5.
Woman: No, that baby over there is their's too. Just go ask her.

Man: How many kids do you have.
Me: 6
Man: Oh, my wife was right. I only saw 5. Are you going to have any more????

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  1. Love the picture! Sims looks like he is holding on for dear life:)