The Incident....

If you are on Facebook, you may have heard this story but I'm posting it here for my record....
There are many ways to tell it but I think less is more in this case. Here goes:

1. Rick took Kate, Claire, Henry, and Jack to Lowe's to buy a hacksaw.
2. Rick began intensely looking down a certain aisle for the hacksaw while "all" of the children were in sight.
3. Meanwhile, Jack sees a floor model toilet and apparently thinks, "Oh good"!
4. Jack proceeds to sit on the toilet and poop. I am not kidding. (Sorry, don't know of a better word to use)
5. Kate walks up to Rick and says, "Um Daddy, I think Jack has to go to the bathroom.
6. Rick walks down the aisle and finds Crocs, Thomas the Train underwear, brown gingham shorts, and finally, Jack, naked from the waist down.

Questions Answered:
1. Yes, Kate, Claire, and Henry watched Jack and didn't say anything until afterwards, just like the nice couple that walked by and saw him too. :)
2. Yes, Rick was in charge of "clean-up." He was given a plastic glove, a bag, and some Lysol. This is when I realize he is a much better parent than I am. I'm pretty sure I would have closed the lid and walked right on out of that store. :)

1. When you potty train your son at 21 months old, he will be quite independent at the task by 2 and a half. He might decide to take matters into his own hands when you least expect it.
2. Never, under any circumstance, by the floor model toilet at Lowe's.


  1. i cant wait to hug you and your kiddos!!

  2. Oh my....seriously laughing out loud! I can just see it.

  3. That is hysterical! Poor Rick! You are right- I would have slipped on out of there- if a child goes #2 in the Lowes potty and no grown up was there to see it- did it really happen?