Chicken Pox

I'm home for the second Sunday in a row. Last Sunday I stayed home with Sims because he was running a low grade fever. This Sunday I am staying home because Claire and Sims have the Chicken Pox and Jack is now running a fever. His fever is so much higher though, around 103, so I do not think he is getting the Pox. :)
Claire and Sims both started breaking out first of the week. Claire has been vaccinated, but Sims is too young to have received it. I called the doctor's office and I could tell they didn't believe me when I told them I thought that is what we had. Both the doctor and the nurse were surprised that they actually had it, especially that Claire had it. The good news for Sims is that he will not have to be vaccinated now.
Both are feeling fine, just itchy. Sims will be crawling around, stop  to scratch, then keep on crawl. So I'm at home today with 2 itches, and a pitiful little fever boy. We'll be resting and watching a lot of Dora. :) On another note, does anyone else answer her when she asks a question? I feel rude if I don't respond. :)

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