Disney World Fund

I guess the biggest news is that Jack is potty trained!!! We finished 6 weeks of school and I originally planned our week break to be a week for me to get ready for the next 6 weeks (supplies, copies, books, etc). Instead, I decided to potty train Jack. I was a bit nervous because he was only 21 months at the time. Kate was trained at 23 months, Claire and Henry 22 months, and now Jack at 21 months. I do the very intense method in which the children just stop wearing diapers, no pull-ups, no going back. It has worked every time with 4 different children thankfully. It normally takes anywhere from 1-3 days for the kids to "get it." Henry was the quickest at only 1 day. It took Kate 3 days and both Claire and Jack got it after 2 days. Whew. It's quit the experience but it works and it's over now! I'm back down to only 1 in diapers and I'm sure it saves us a good deal of money, money I'd rather put into our DISNEY WORLD fund (we're hopefully going back next September)!!! I guess you could say Jack just paid his way :)

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  1. You know that you seriously could make major bucks on training other moms on how to do what you do! And even more money potty training other peoples kids :) haha!
    You are my hero! I will be glad to help edit your book on potty training. I can't contribute but i can help edit :). Will call you soon! Miss you!