Maternity Portraits Part 2

I liked my last Maternity Portraits so much that I decided to splurge and have more done.
This time we included the baby's daddy and enlisted the help of another artist. SO, here I am at 34+ weeks:

The first is by Kate. Notice that Sims is clearly visible in this picture. I love that my thighs aren't touching. Please notice how happy that makes me. On the downside, I have no arms. I'm not quite sure what those 2 big square things are on Ricks' arms either....

The next is by Claire. Unfortunately, I appear to be 3 times the size of Rick and the baby is nowhere to be seen. I also only have 1 eye and again...no arms??

Things seem to be going downhill, so these may be the last pictures of me you see until after the birth...


  1. Peggy, that is so funny! Hope y'all are good and can't wait to meet Sims soon!

  2. This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing the giggles.

  3. I've read this post probably 10 times now (I keep checking to see if you've updated it:)) and I laugh every time!