Family Worship during Holy Week

If you have not read my initial post on family worship, Click Here.

During Holy Week, our family met with our church at lunch each day for fellowship and a
devotion from our pastor. We spent the evenings practicing for "The Risen Christ", which was presented by the church choir and others on Thursday and Friday evening.

With that schedule, we did not spend time together as a family around the word of God in the evenings. Today was another busy day and we came home right at bedtime for the children. We need to be at worship tomorrow morning by 7 am so the children needed to go straight to bed. We sang 2 songs this evening: "Up from the grave he arose" and "Christ the Lord is Risen Today". Our girls did not know either of these songs. I then spent 1 minute explaining why tomorrow's corporate worship is special. I do not feel like the girls were really listening tonight, though.

I hope to get back on a more regular schedule next week. Hopefully, this will increase their attentiveness.

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