Huggin' on Noggin

Noggin is a preschool TV channel. We don't have it on our TV plan but we did have it while we were on vacation the past 2 weeks.

Here's a conversation that happened today with Kate...

Kate: Mommy, I'm supposed to help save the trees.

Me: You are? Where'd you hear that?

Kate: On Noggin. They said I'm supposed to save the trees.

Me: How are you going to do that?

Kate: Well, I don't really know. There was a girl on there hugging a tree so I think I'll just do that...hug a tree or somethin'

So here she is...saving one tree(she said, "I'll save this one b/c it's REALLY tall":

Might as well save 2 while we're at it:


  1. HA HA! Thats really cute! And I'm loving Kate's boots.
    We love Noggin...but AH hasn't started saving the trees yet...