Five Little Monkeys

I've been meaning to blog this for some time so here goes.

Kate recevied $50 from her great uncle for her Birthday (now that's a GREAT great uncle isn't it??) It was meant to be spent. Kate was thrilled because she said I always tell her "no" when we go to the toy store and now I could say "YES"! Rick explained to her about the tithe and she decided she wanted to give her $5 tithe. Within minutes of her decision, I found a $5 off coupon at the store we had already planned on going to. We were excited to share with her that the Lord had provided the $5 that she had just set aside for Him.

We got to the store and it was basically the "toy run" I used to see on TV as a child. We went down aisle after aisle and she picked out a TON on toys she wanted. At the end of our time, I explained that she would have to pick out her favorite things and put the rest back. She never hesitated to buy a dress-up dress for Claire and one for herself. We put a bunch of stuff back and were down to 2 games....a dress-up game (hmmm...I'm seeing a theme here) and the game "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." She went back and forth on which one to buy about 5 times. In the end, she went with, you guessed it, the dress-up game. She said, "God can give me this other one later if He wants like He gave me back that $5 earlier." In my unbelief I just thought, "isn't that cute."

We never mentioned what game she put back or our conversation to anyone and I never thought about it again until Christmas morning. Guess what we received from Kate's other great Aunt????? The "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" game!

I think about this often and the Lord showed me once again that nothing is too small and that He is the provider of all things. May I always trust like my 4 year old daughter did that day.


  1. That is the best story I've heard all day!!

  2. Peggy, that is so neat! I love how God speaks to us through children! That Kate is so special and how loving of her to think of her sister. Love that little heart of hers!

  3. What an encouragement to hear! THanks for sharing that story. Btw, if you made their Christmas outfits on the top of the blog...good job! I'm starting my first bishop soon.

  4. What a precious story! Thank you for sharing.....

  5. This story has totally spoken to me today and I have tears in my eyes! wow- how God works through sweet children. What amazing parents you and Rick are too!- she has learned this faith from you guys!