Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some Christmas gift ideas. If you are on my list...don't peek :)

First up, the Hug Me Pillow! Here's my favorite review but you can read them all on the website:

"I bought this pillow to keep my company on nights when my husband, a correspondent for the Trans-Alaskan News Network, was out of town. The pillow exceeded even my wildest expectations. I'm told the pillow was modeled after Brad Pitt, and I believe it! When I first nestled against the soft, but firm chest of my new "husband" I slept better than I ever had before. Now I don't mind when my husband goes out of town!"

Next, the Snuggie blanket. Fun for all! (This one comes with a free book light!) :)


  1. so, totally unrelated.. but i just noticed that I made it into your "friends' blog list" How exciting!!! =) Thanks!!

  2. I got one of those blankets with sleeves for Christmas, I'm not even joking. Maybe your post wasn't said jokingly enough, cause someone took it seriously.