God's Faithfullness and the Holy Spirit

I've always shared the gospel with Kate when I discipline her....we need Christ. We are sinners and can do nothing good apart from Him. We could never earn our way to Heaven. We are hopeless without Him.
Last week after I talked to her, she said, "I NEED to ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins. I'm a sinner."
So we prayed together and rejoiced together. I know only time will tell if it was real but I pray that God has given her a new heart and that she will never remember a time when she didn't love and trust Jesus.

Today I was telling her about the Holy Spirit and that he lives inside of her. I said God has given him to you since you believe and trust in Jesus. I explained that He would teach her and help her to obey the Lord and show people His love.

She said, "He's living inside of me???? When's he gonna GET OUT!"


  1. Praise the Lord about Kate - that's wonderful!

  2. FYI about the dress on my blog - it's a Lucy pattern that I modified to include the smocked insert. It wasn't hard. :) You are welcome to borrow any of my patterns if you like!