I need ideas!

I've decided to start a summer tradition! We are going to have a "Camp Hutchinson" week. Normally I do one big activity with the children each week (zoo, mcwane center, etc) and we also go swimming a time or two. But for one week, we are going to do something BIG everyday! Rick said he might even take a day or two off of work to join us. SO, I need some ideas of what we can do!
Remember, I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 7 month old so it can't be THAT big! :) Also, it'll have to be something I can do and still make it home in time for their 1:00 naps. (Trust me...I'll need the nap more than they will.) I've got the Zoo and the McWane center on the list so I need 3 more ideas. Those 2 places might get bumped if I/you can come up with something new.
I'm getting tired just thinking about it but we're excited so please help me out!


  1. Peggy--
    I've heard that there's a place in Pelham called the JumpZone that has inflatables that are geared towards toddlers. Anyways, I think they have open play everyday, so it might be a special treat some day next week. We've not been there, so I guess you might want to see if anyone else has...

    Other thought would be any of those free movies that the Rave is offering during the week. I think Jessica sent us all an email on it, so she may be the best place to start.
    Anyways, we hope y'all have fun next week!

  2. One thing you need to remember is that all camps have a canteen...so each day you need to stop somewhere new for a special treat whether it be candy, ice cream, icees, or whatever and let them pick out their food.

    I'm thinking SOHO Sweets would be a good place to start.

  3. oh now this is fun! I am totally stealing this idea! I think we should have our camps the same week and then have a camp dance athon or camp play date. And i LOVE rick;s idea for the canteen. How creative!
    my mom used to take us on "blind fold trips" and we LOVEd them. We would go to the zoo or McDonalds or fun kids places and it would always be a surprise and we would be blindfolded the whole way there. I am not sure if Claire would like it at this age. Another thing we loved that my mom did was scavenger hunts and it would lead to M&Ms or something fun. Still not sure if that is age appropriate. You can go feed the ducks at that park near the hoover library. I have more ideas but will have to call or email cause the comment section is running out of room on me.

  4. I don't know how much it would be but you could look into one of those pottery painting places. Of course, it could be like a zillion dollars or something. You could also have a visit your favorite aunt at work day or something fun like that:)

  5. My ideas just keep coming....

    After reading Jessica's comment, it made me think of this.

    Have a surprise person at each camp event. It could be a friend, their favoriate aunt, grandmommy, or anyone they love, and you could play it up that each day you'll be meeting someone new.

  6. Peggy ... Paula Heston here. Being in Texas, I don't know if anything like this is available around your area, but we took our kids (5,3 and 1) to a berry farm to pick blueberries. They also had blackberries. We also packed a lunch and had a picnic before we headed home. The next day we cleaned the berries, had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then baked a yummy desert ... blueberry crunch from the old TNPC cookbook.

  7. There is a place near us - exit 100 on 59/20 - called Critter Creek Farm. They have a website. Its like a petting zoo, and they have playground stuff too.

  8. Hey Peggy,
    When my 3 were young I met a friend and her kids at the"Mechanical Gardens" as Gray used to call them. We took a bag lunch and ate under one of the arbors. They had fun looking at all the flowers and fountains. All I had to do was put them down for naps when I got home. I loved going to the library and let them pick out their own books and we'd check out movies as well. That will give them something fun to do after naps. Either read one of their books or watch a movie(with popcorn, of course).

    You can have a water day at your house with bubbles (Dollar Store), sprinkler, and popsicles for snacks.

    You can go to Ed's Pet World and let them look at the different exotic animals. For snack you'll be right near SOHO and can get some gummy worms.

    Just a few ideas. Love, Aunt Carol