Bedtime Stalling 201

It's been quiet at bedtime since my last post...that is until 2 nights ago. I guess since I passed bedtime stalling 101 Kate thought I was ready for 201. These were a little more creative.

Kate: Mommy, the glow worm is broken.
Me: Go to bed, I'll fix it tomorrow
Kate: Mommy, there's an ant in my bed.
Me: No there's not, go to bed
Kate: Mommy, I think I need to throw up
Me: No you don't, go to bed
Kate: (heavy sigh, closed bedroom door)


  1. Yes.....I think I've heard all those excuses too!!

    She's a smart one....


  2. Peggy- I miss yall! Please let get together soon! How are things? Sounds like she is going to be a smart one and one who negotiates!! I miss you mel