Kate 4-22-08 3 years 4 months

To my dearest Kate,

This month you and Claire stayed at grandmommy and granddaddy's house for 5 days! You had a great time but I sure missed you. The house was so quiet without you. I was so happy to see you when I went to pick you up. You ran straight for Henry though and just loved on him for about 5 min before you gave me a hug! You are so sweet to him.
You seem so old to me now; you are becoming a little girl. You are very protective of Claire and Henry. If you get something, you always make sure Claire can have one too. You say all the time, "I'll take care of my sister."
You are starting to reason and it is sometimes very funny. I was getting your shoes out the other day and you said, "Mommy, it makes more sense for me to wear my Crocs because I can put them on and take them off by myself."
You also have good taste. We were parked next to a BMW convertible today and you said, "That looks like a FUN car Mommy!"

When Claire was an infant, I used to find you sitting on top of her saying "giddy up claire!"

Imagine my surprise when I heard "giddy up" a few weeks ago and you were now saying it to Henry! I had to include that picture with your letter this month because I thought it was so funny.
You are my joy and treasure. I love ever minute that I spend with you. I'm so glad I can be home with you. I love you and I am so thankful for you.
Until next time....
All my love-

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  1. Your family is SO beautiful! It's awesome to see the love abounding =- Thanks for sharing it with all of us!