There are too many lessons to list

Before we begin, here are 3 facts to keep in mind.

1-Kate has had maybe 2 accidents in the 10 months she's been potty trained
2-My parents live across the street from Jason's Deli
3-We are still living in the 90's. :) We have 1 cell phone that we never use

It started Sunday morning. Kate woke up with a fever of around 100 degrees. Rick took Claire to the 8:30 worship service and then came home so I could go to the 11:00 service. By this time, Kate's fever had gone away and she was running around playing so we decided that we'd meet at Jason's Deli after the worship service.
At Jason's Deli, Kate was acting funny again and told me she had to "poop" on 4 different occasions so off we raced each time to the bathroom. By this point I was thinking, "Oh No," because the week before, Claire ran a fever for 2 days and then had the stomach bug, so I'm assuming Kate's caught it. Each visit to the bathroom though, was was unproductive, if you know what I mean.
So we finishing eating and Rick says he'll take the girls home since we are in 2 cars. When I get home, I hear a voice message from Rick that says I have his keys and that he's at my parents house. Off I race back to my parents house (about a 10 min drive) and here's what I find out once I get there.
Rick takes the girls back to the car (we parked in 2 different lots) and realizes he's put the keys in the diaper bag which I have. He runs carring Claire and basically dragging Kate through the parking lot to try and stop me. He round the corner just in time to see the back of my car driving off....He stops and hears..."Daddy...I JUST POOPED!"

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