Throw Your Hands in the Air!

Well, I've never been much of a hand raiser during worship (in fact, I never have) and neither are most people in my denomination (PCA.) Maybe this will change in the next generation.
Today during worship, our 2.5 year old was "singing" along like she always does (never knows the words...just makes funny singing noises) when out of nowhere, she just raised her right hand for the rest of the song. I looked around and not a single other person in the entire congregation was doing this so I guess she was just moved by the Spirit. Rick and I started laughing and she just looked up and said "What Mommy"?

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  1. Awesome - my 2 kids do that too when we have worship time, whether at church or a home! Children are an inspiration! And you're not crazy for having 3 - I'd love to have 6 ;)