2 Conversations

Here are 2 conversations that happened yesterday. I'll have the girls' letters up this week. We were out of town last week when they were supposed to go up.

This first conversation was between Kate and Claire in the car. It repeated about 3 times.

Claire: Da Da Da Da Da Da
Kate: Claire! That is NOT Da Da! That is MOMMY!!!

This conversation took place at the library.

Man w/Son (pointing between Kate and Claire): Are they twins?
Me: No, they are 16 months apart but they do look alike...
Man w/Son (serious): Good, because I was going to say that that one (pointing to Kate) looks like she's growing faster than that one (pointing to Claire)

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  1. Your girls are so sweet!

    People are sometimes very funny, in a weird sort of way. I always had strangers ask me if Abigail and Jonathan were twins, despite two years' age difference, and at least six inches height difference. Now they ask if our two middle boys are twins! Hopefully no one will be confused enough though to questions us about the 4yr old and the 17 month old being twins!