New Flash: Raising Children Waste of Time?

"It is not the number of books that makes the learned man, nor much reading,
but good books often read, however few, makes a man learned in the Scriptures
and pious.” Martin Luther

The age of the internet allows anyone to publish their thoughts on life. It can be interesting and even scary to look into the minds of some people. Some may consider it scary looking into my mind through this blog. I read an article (click here to read it) that says child rearing is not worth the time and talent of intelligent humans. Oh that we weren't bombarded with false truth all the day long.

Don't fall into the trap of lies. Exposing ourselves (especially our children) to all the possible worldviews and ways of thinking in life does not bring us closer to the truth, and can quickly lead to confusion.


It's funny how one minor word can really change the meaning of something. I left the word "not" out of the last sentence when I first wrote this blog, which conveyed the complete opposite of what I wanted to say. I've just now noticed it and corrected it.

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