The new Dr. Phil?

I'm a sucker for points. Sure, I'll take that survey if you'll give me 1000 points. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the points, but I'll figure that out later. Just give them to me now!

A recent survey I took online required me to watch a 6 minute video of an upcoming show on TLC. I forget the name of the guy, but it was basically a show about helping people. The host is a psychiatrist. He looked and talked like a young Dr. Phil.

I'm not sure what the obsession with these self help guys is, but they act like they are God's gift to mankind. Give me a T.V. show and I'll help everyone get better. Contrary to popular belief (and to what this guy says), the issues people deal with are rooted in sin not in our past. The solution offered is always to dig into the past and see what made you think, act, and feel like you do today. Once this occurs, everything will be better.

The truth is that digging into the past like this will only create more angst and grief if it isn't realized that we are all filthy from sin. The issue in marriages and all other relationships is that we view ourselves as deserving, important, and any other catch phrase that brings glory to ourselves. The truth is that we are worthless sinners saved by Grace, and all the glory is due to our creator.

So, give me a T.V. show and I'll help people see the real problem. Look into a mirror, and see the filth. Until we see how dirty we are, we'll never attack the root problem, and we CANNOT attack the root problem until we repent of our filth (sin).

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